African & Turkish Legal Desk

African & Turkish Legal Desk

We are the KILIC and Partners African Desk, and we provide advice to companies based in the African Countries on their business activities in Turkey as well as to Turkish clients on their projects in Africa. The team is led by Dr. Harun KILIC, LL.M. and coordinated by Dr. cand. Siobhan YORGUN, LL.M. in assistance.

Siobhan in particular has experience in African mining, regulatory advice and assistance; banking and pension fund litigation and arbitration, administrative law, public procurement (tender) advice for both government and private sector entities; and pharmaceutical regulatory and compliance advice, with a particular interest in cross-border and international work within these areas, she advises clients in English, Africans English, Afrikaans, French, Mandarin, Dutch and Turkish.

We work with both Afrikaans, Turkish, French and Dutch speaking clients and help build business relationships, and solve the legal issues that may arise. We have substantial commercial experience and knowledge, within the African Legal Team.

This is the African team legal blog and we will provide a weekly update, of the current issues on all aspects of international commerce, with the relevant practice areas in which we can help, in both English, & Dutch.

We hope our blog is of interest to you, and hope we can collaborate together on your next business venture in Turkey

The African Desk also regularly advises Turkish companies on the legal matters of their projects in African Countries as well as French & Dutch speaking countries across the world, for more information contact the KILIC & Partners African Legal Team

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